Maxi is left defenseless for saying “your mother's shell”

The Competition Committee meets today and, among other cases pending sanction, will study that of Maxi Gómez. Pizarro Gómez recorded in the minutes that the Uruguayan he was expelled for addressing him with “contempt” and saying: “Your mother's shell.” Valencia knows that the Uruguayan has no defense and will abide by the sanction to impose competition, that according to the precedents it will be of two parties.

Valencia Shield / Flag

Maxi attacked articles 119 (offensive expression), 120 (protests to the referee) and 122 (conduct contrary to sports order) with his behavior. In whatever competition base your verdict, the sanction ranges between two and three games. Maxi, yes, gets rid of the application of article 100 bis (from four to 12 parties), because his contempt did not question “the honesty and impartiality” of the referee.

“The shell of your mother” is an expression on which there are precedents of sanction in the League. There are the precedents of Mascherano (2015) and Banega (2017). On both occasions the sanction was two games. On the other hand, Appeal kept the yellow card Diakhaby saw against Cádiz for their reaction at the moment of Cala's alleged insult.

Grace takes its toll on expulsions like Maxi's

“We cannot afford expulsions like Maxi's,” said Javi Gracia in the press room at the conclusion of the match against Real Sociedad. The truth is Gracia has shown that she does not like this type of reaction from her players the least and then penalizes it beyond the penalty imposed by the Competition. Guedes and especially Jason can give a good account of it. The two saw red in Granada for unnecessary hauls and in addition to fulfilling the corresponding sanction, they also went through the filter of Gracia. Thus Guedes, who lost two sanction matches, did not even travel to Seville for the Cup match despite the fact that he could not play in the league the next game and in the two games after his suspension he was a substitute. More bill has happened to Jason the red one he saw in Los Cármenes. Since then (December 30) Jason has only played 16 league minutes, when up to that date he had at least participated in all but two of the league games.