Mary of Denmark, away from the British Royal Family hours before Christmas Eve

Bittersweet Christmas for the Danish Royal Family. The hurricane of scandal Genoveva Casanova walking through the streets of Madrid with Frederick of Denmark still haunts them. Faced with one of the great controversies of the year, Mary from Denmark He doesn't hide his feelings. Proof of this is the emotion that appears on her face after saying goodbye to Australia (her native country), as well as her repeated absences from the Royal Family's calendar, which they regularly share on social media.

Just a few hours ago, the royal family published a video where Frederick of Denmark appears with his children, chatting with astronaut Andras Mogensen. What could have been an endearing family gathering has ended with the question of “Where is Mary” echoing around every corner.

Far from appearing to be a family union, Federico and Mary from Denmark have no qualms about posing separately. Just two weeks ago, Federico appeared alone (not even with the support of his children) while lighting the traditional Advent wreath. For her part, Mary has used her Foundation channel to share her emotions.

Likewise, the princess, who does not hide her feelings, has been photographed, visibly emotional, at the New Zealand airport. As illustrated in the photographs of Daily MailFederico's wife wipes tears from her face while hugging a good friend of hers.

For these Christmas dates, the Danish Royal Family is expected to be in Denmark. Queen Margaret II wants to reunite the whole family at Marselisborg Palace.