Martiño Rivas sweeps with a question for Tebas and the Football Federation: “If you are so kind as to interrupt your canapé session and answer me…”

The unfortunate episode of racism against Vinicius last weekend at Mestalla continues to generate debate and controversy on social media. Of all the opinions expressed by those involved, anonymous fans and familiar faces, the actor’s stands out. Martin Rivaswhich has become a Trending Topic with a reflection addressed to Javier Tebaspresident of La Liga: “What is the protocol to follow? Since apparently vinicius He is not interested in being informed about it, as a football fan and a father I do want to know.”

The interpreter thus responds to the words of Thebes, who assured that Vinicius had not appeared at the appointments that had been scheduled for him to discuss the issue of racism in the field: “We have tried to explain it to you, but you have not presented yourself to either of the two agreed dates that you yourself requested. Before criticizing and insulting LaLiga, it is necessary that you inform yourself properly Vinicius”.

In addition to the story, Rivas has also shared a reflection: “The first time I witnessed a group act of racism was in A Coruña. It was probably the year 93. Celta de Vigo played in Riazor, and every time Vicente Engonga touched the ball the stadium erupted in booing. I remember asking the man next to me what was the reason for that collective cruelty, and perplexed I heard the naturalness with which that adult responded: because he is black. This episode was no exception. Today, in the media Throughout the world, Spain is portrayed as a permissive country and complicit in racism and xenophobia. How long are Luis Rubiales and Javier Tebas going to continue enjoying snacks while this is happening? I am referring to forceful measures and sanctions commensurate with the seriousness of the facts, not ridiculous financial fines. At the moment when the image of an entire country is tarnished internationally, should the government not intercede? Isn’t such a despicable fact a matter of State?”, he asks. “If you don’t ask the guy next to you to stop his racist yelling, you are complicit. If as a home player you don’t reproach your fans for their lack of humanity, you are complicit. If you don’t express your disapproval and outrage at having to witness such acts of cruelty, you are an accomplice. Today, the Spanish Football Federation, La Liga, Spain and we are accomplices.”

Martiño’s reflection has been widely applauded on social networks, where his name has jumped to the head of the Trending Topic in a few hours.