Martino: “I see Vidal today as the heart of Barcelona”

Gerardo 'Tata' Martino He directed Barcelona a little more than five years ago and is therefore an authoritative voice to analyze what happens in the Catalan scene. The former coach of Argentina, who played against the Red the finals of the Copa America 2015 and 2016 and today he heads the Mexican team, He had complimentary words for Arturo Vidal when addressing the current blaugrana.

“Today, I see Vidal as the heart of the team, for what he gives himself, but also for the hierarchy to work, reach the area and the goal. I see him recovering from last year, which was not good. This has been a great year for Arturo and he could undoubtedly stay in Barcelona “Martino said in an interview for the CDF.

“I particularly have a soft spot for Vidal. If I could have, I would have taken him to Barcelona at that time (2013-2014 season). They are very personal decisions. You have to see how he feels with his family. I would ask myself, if since the departure of Xavi and Iniesta, Barcelona's DNA is still so faithfully represented. I am of the idea, that Barcelona should have another alternative for footballers “, added the Argentine strategist.

During his time in the Catalan cast, Martino had under his command Alexis Sánchez. He knows the national forward in depth and also had words to comment on his present at Inter Milan, after two irregular seasons in Inglatera.

“He is much better now than at Manchester United. Still without the Barcelona level, I had it at a very high level. But it seems to me that he has found a good place at Inter, he is having minutes. He's even playing alongside Lukaku and Lautaro. We are starting to see, again, the best version of Alexis “, indicated the DT of the Mexican team.

By last, Martino surprised to admit that it was one of the options as DT that managed the ANFP to assume the Chilean team in an instant.

“I don't know how close I was. I don't remember when it was or how certain it was or how serious it was. But on some occasion there were people who have consulted me. It will be because I was always appreciative of the litter that Chilean soccer had “, finally expressed the Argentine coach.

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