Jovic's action? Successes become errors. Errors in controversies and in VAR scandals ”

Velasco Carballo, president of the Technical Committee of Referees, spoke of the action dand

Jovic in Leganés

that for many it was a penalty, but not for the referee of that match or for the VAR. An action that could have changed the descent of Leganés.

“There is no move that marks the evolution of the descent of a team but an entire season and it would not be fair to say that the error of a player in a penalty kick or in a critical play of a match has marked the evolution of the descent of any team” he started by saying Velasco Carballo.

From there, he explained that “laspects to take into account for the decision of the punishability of a

by hand

. We have to see what the position of the hand is, whether it is natural or unnatural. If the position that the hand and arm have is the one expected from that player at that moment, “he pointed out, adding that” although it is natural or unnatural, the rules of the game have established that when the hands are at shoulder height or higher, even if it is a natural gesture in a player's jump that is punishable and we cannot go into it. ”

Velasco Carballo also gives importance to distance in these cases. “It is very different that the ball comes from a free kick at 20 meters or from a corner kick and reaches the arm of a player or it is very different that there is a hit a few centimeters before the hit in the hand. If I am getting bigger with my arms and prevent the ball from passing to the goal or a teammate, but when the position of one arm does not prevent the ball from passing because it has no effect, it practically does not deflect the ball, it does not have no consequence for the game, the position is natural, it bounces off an opponent close to him, all the opponents around him have their arms in a very natural position. Successes become errors, errors in controversies and VAR scandals ”, sentenced Velasco Carballo.