Marta Riesco will freeze eggs to become a mother after her drama with Antonio David: “Ana Rosa advised me”

A Martha I can (35) the pieces of his life were misplaced when in April he announced his break with Antonio David Flores (47). After losing her job at Mediaset and this sentimental drama, the former reporter for Ana Rosa’s program He focused on his social networks, where he explains to his followers every detail of his life.

So much so that this Wednesday she has revealed that she has very important life plans: “I want to freeze my eggs because I am clear that I want to be a mother. I thought I was going to be a mother in other circumstances but I should and I think I am going to do it”, has noted in Instagram stories.

In this sense, he explained: “I have a year to do it because next year I’m too old to do it. I think I’m going to cheer up and I’m going to do it, I’m going to find out about the procedure.”

According to the journalist, it is not a decision that she has made overnight, even if she tells it out of the blue: “I have been thinking about it for a long time and at the gynecologist they told me that my ovarian reserve was at full capacity. They told me that it was time to do it “.

He then revealed that Lara Alvarez recently advised him to do so, as did his ex-boss, Ana Rosa Quintana: “I recently met Lara Álvarez and she advised me a lot to do it and Ana Rosa, about three years ago, one day at seven in the morning, took me and said, ‘Marta, freeze your eggs'”.

With or without a partner, Antonio David’s ex is clear that she wants to have children: “I don’t know what will happen next year, but I see myself capable of having children tomorrow, either alone or with a partner, but it is better to be prepared and now at the moment that you can freeze them and see what happens”.

Marta Riesco’s life took a turn when her romance with the former civil guard came to light in January 2022. As a result of this came her constant controversies at Mediaset, which ended up costing her the position and her departure from Telecinco. In March of this year, she was finally fired from Unicorn Content, the producer of Ana Rosa.