Fernando Alonso: “It’s not a soufflé, it’s a reality: we’re having a good year”


The Spanish Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) assured that the “good” season of 2023 is “a reality” and “it is not soufflé”, at the same time that he confessed that he has “inside” the ‘thorn’ of second place in the Dutch Grand Prix, despite the fact that he did not have “so much rhythm” as to pass the Dutchman Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and achieve a victory that “was closer in Monaco and Canada”.

“It’s not a soufflé, I think it’s a reality, we’ve had a great start to the season. It’s not that it seemed like we were going fast in the preseason and then we would have a negative surprise. The good year is a reality, we’re having a good year” , indicated the Spaniard during an event organized by the Finetwork company at the Madrid Jarama-RACE Circuit, in the Madrid town of San Sebastián de los Reyes.

In front of several hundred fans decked out in the typical green of the British team and the number 14 of the two-time Spanish champion on his back, Alonso entered the improvised stage in the Jarama paddock like a music star. Although before it was Dj Nano who entertained the afternoon with electronic music.

Fernando Alonso, together with the CEO of Finetwork, Óscar Vilda, reviewed the current situation of F-1 and analyzed his second place in Zandvoort, in which he was left with a ‘thorn’. “I had in mind to go inside (in the second start restarted by the rain), but it was not close enough. When the Safety Car went, Verstappen also went, but I have it there inside”, revealed the Asturian , who did see victory “closer” “in Monaco and Canada”, because in the Netherlands GP they did not have “so much rhythm”.

On the ‘Great Circus’, Alonso was not very happy with the calendar. “We are always away from home, changing schedules, you go to the gym a little at three in the morning because of the ‘jet lag’, you go a little off-kilter. But it’s how he’s set up…”, he said.


However, he was blunt about a hypothetical Formula 1 in which all the drivers competed with the same cars. “It wouldn’t be F-1. There are many more categories like this, Formula 2, Formula 3, endurance racing, IndyCar, Indy 500, there is variety,” he said, although he did highlight the “impact” of the “category queen”. “Even though it’s not that fun, because of the calendar, it’s the best known,” he added.

“Everyone has their own, karting is surely the purest competition there is, it may be my favorite, I practice it every time I can. The Resistance is interesting, due to its extreme level of trust in your teammates. The 500 miles is a a specialty very detailed, as the cars are so similar. The Dakar is a professional and personal experience, crossing a desert, having adventures happen to you, overturning…”, he analyzed.

At 42 years old, Fernando Alonso is the oldest driver on the F-1 grid, and he did not hesitate to mention the British Lando Norris as one of the most talented youngsters. “He is very talented, he is very charismatic, a good boy, I like him. Also (Alex) Albon (Williams), (Gabriel) Bortoleto, Pepe Martí, Alex Palou. The youngsters have a lot of talent and ambition, they are much more prepared than they we were it with 22 years. But the veterans still we defend ourselves”, ironized.

Thus, he highlighted the work of the seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton, who is still “fast” and “is doing better than Russell”. “He shows that on the track he always gives his all,” he praised, although he kept his overtaking of the Briton in Bahrain and Zandvoort on the first lap as his favorites of the season.

“The team is very important to win a World Cup, it is fundamental, in sport and in any job. They do the fundamentals, which you surely do not have knowledge of. You have to trust a lot of people. At Aston Martin we are 850 people”, explained.

Finally, a relaxed Fernando Alonso once again revealed himself as a confessed Madridista “because he wins”. “My father was from Madrid and I watched the games with him, I fell in love with Real Madrid,” he argued, before joking with his favorite music ‘playlist’, which contains “Melendi, Taylor Swift and Rosalía”.