Marta Riesco mistakenly reveals the name of her new admirer: a Planeta Award finalist

Martha I can He plays riddles with his more than 180,000 Instagram followers. Through their storiesthe ex-girlfriend of Anthony David She has said that a renowned writer has flirted with her and has been revealing clues about her identity.

“I was so calm in this that is my life when, suddenly, a message has come to me that has caught my attention and that is, I have linked,” the former reporter for Fiesta.

“He has written to me. Yes, to Marta Riesco. A finalist for a Planeta award… How are you staying?”, he asked his followers. As proof that what she was telling was “real”, the journalist shared a screenshot of the message and the author’s profile, although not very well censored.

Given these data, the most astute Internet users found out that it was the writer Jorge Sanchezfinalist for the 2021 Premio Planeta Award for his novel the olive tunnel. Sánchez is also an English teacher and psychologist, as can be read on his social media profile.

Riesco, according to her own account, is in a moment of maximum disconnection. After her controversial break with the ex of Rocio Carrasco and her goodbye in Mediaset, the journalist now enjoys the summer months with trips to Toledo or Tenerife, as she teaches on Instagram.