Lady Gaga’s father charges against his neighbors: prostitution and parties at dawn

The father of Lady Gaga, Joe Germanotta, monopolizes the spotlights. Although the music star continues to destroy every measure of her songs, the father of the interpreter of Rain on Me becomes, this time, the protagonist of today.

The artist’s father says that the neighborhood where he lives and works, the Upper West Side, has been filled with prostitutes and behaviors he was not used to. All as a result of six weeks ago, the Stratford Arms Hotel became a shelter for hundreds of homeless immigrants.

“If this were to be the case when my daughters lived here, I would not be living in New York,” says the American businessman, as anticipated The New York Post.

It must be remembered that in 2020, Germanotta also refused to pay the rent for his restaurant due to the considerable number of “homeless” who frequented the surroundings of his business: “The presence of homeless people scares customers away.” For her words, she then received criticism on social networks. His words were labeled racist for pointing out homeless immigrants, as he has done again on this occasion.

According to the singer’s relative, the citizens who live in the shelter organize impromptu parties late at night, frequent prostitution and drive their vehicles irresponsibly. “The prostitutes come and go, in the morning you see them leaving the building. The worst is at night, the noise starts at about 10 in the morning and lasts until four in the morning,” he says.

Currently, both Germanotta and neighborhood organizations have created the West 70th Street Association to lobby the city council. Gaga’s father has transferred his concern to the New York police, as well as to entities that provide resources for the homeless.