Mario Casas, “full” with the Mexican actress Eiza González: from Rome to Cantabria and a special tattoo

After his heart has been occupied in recent years by actresses like Berta Vazquez, Blanca Suarez o Desiré Corderothe protagonist of you will not kill he would have recovered his hope in love with the Mexican actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez, the woman with whom he has been related since the last few days. The two have just shared a trip together and have even dared to get a common tattoo. Love is what you have…

Very reserved with their private life, they have not published snapshots in which they appear together on social networks. However, both have shared a trip through Italy and Cantabria. The latter, a very special land for the Galician actor and one where he frequently goes with his family and friends.

The two have also been seen in Madrid. So much so that a local worker claims that she has seen them getting a tattoo on each other. The Las Cuernis Instagram account has had access to this information, and it has been collected by other media such as the magazine Week.

“They have been together and they tattooed each other. She gave him an E and he gave her an M. Generally we don’t allow that, but Mario talked to the boss and the guy did it. They are full…”, said this worker . Mario, who has already made his debut as a film director, is not new to tattoos with those in love with him. With Berta Vázquez, the actress of Vis a vis o Palm trees in the snowa very special design was engraved for both of them and with Blanca Suárez a heart.

Mario and sex

A few weeks ago, the protagonist of Three meters over the sky He was very joking The resistance (Movistar Plus+) when talking about their sexual relationships. “I had a nice weekend, and the previous one (…) Intense, yes, yes. When you get stuck there like limpets, which are stuck there on the rocks, you don’t get them out…”.

Casas broke up with Desiré Corderó, his last known girlfriend, at the beginning of 2022. Eiza González, the woman with whom he has now given himself a new opportunity, has almost 8 million followers on Instagram and is known for participating in series such as Lola, once upon a time, dream with me y True loves. He has also had roles in Hollywood films such as Godzilla vs Kong, Baby Driver o Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw.