María Zurita talks about homosexuality: “We are very modern for some things and very short for others”

Felipe VI’s cousin has said goodbye to MasterChef Celebrity 7. With her eyes misty with tears, Zurita left the kitchens of the reality show on La 1. Wearing the blue apron in the outdoor test, the daughter of the Infanta Margarita y Carlos Zurita has discussed homosexuality with the presenter Nico Abad. The journalist, while taking care of the cooking point of the milk, said: “Zurita, I loved the tweet you put: “I see people more concerned because their son is homosexual than because he is an abuser. Crazy, super successful”. Maria’s reaction has been immediate: “That kind of bullshit hurts me a lot.”

The niece of the emeritus has resorted to an anecdote to launch some messages of inclusivity and respect towards the LGTBIQ collective: “I went to a cinema and they put ‘this movie contains scenes of homosexuality’ and such… In a tweet I said that it doesn’t matter what it is your son, if he is homosexual, transsexual…” María added: “Look at Daniela Santiago, who has wonderful parents who adore her. She is an excellent girl. Most of my friends are gay and they are all absolutely wonderful.”

Nico Abad spoke with María and added: “It’s like a very old debate.” The niece of Juan Carlos I finished: “We are very modern for some things and very short for others. At home, thank God, we have been educated by about ten parents, who have supported us in all the decisions we have made. And I’m sure if I had come home saying ‘this is my girlfriend’ they would have been so happy.”

His reality partner the designer Edward Navarrete He has managed to get some confession from Zurita, always very discreet in her private life. “What dish would you make a man to win him over?”, the dressmaker asked. After a few seconds, María has revealed her star dish: “Onion soup. I have conquered many like this”. Breaking her secrecy, she continued: “When I’ve had a boyfriend I’ve always made onion soup for them. And they loved it. But I haven’t had a partner for a long time. Just before Carlos was born, I think, for 4 years.”