María Porto, acquitted of the accusations of a jilted ex-boyfriend: the details of the ring sentence

Antonio Sainz Millan has received a resounding judicial blow. This architect was María Porto's boyfriend from March 2019 until her breakup in 2021. He reported to the gallery owner that he was married to the former Asturian minister and politician, Francisco Álvarez Cascos, wanting her to return an engagement ring. The plaintiff had given it to him in September 2020, during a weekend at the Arcos de la Frontera parador in Cádiz. According to the complainant, the jewel was valued at 45,000 euros.

That a society gets on its knees to ask for a woman's hand

María Porto assures that she always made it clear that she would never get married and considered the ring as a normal gift, due to the help that Porto had given her during their relationship, since her boyfriend's finances were complicated at times. It was later learned that the ring was second-hand, from “Vendôme”, a store that sells used jewelry and that when appraised it was actually valued at around 28,000 euros. On the other hand, the jewel was purchased by a company, insolvent by the way, so there is no purchase invoice in the name of Antonio Sainz. At the trial it was clear that There is no precedent for a scene to occur, in which a society gets down on its knees to ask for a woman's hand.

The Court of Instruction number 13 of Madrid has upheld Porto's allegations and ruled against the plaintiff, considering that it was not a jewel given as a marriage request, since the bride stated that she would never marry again. The waiters at the inn, summoned as witnesses for being present during the delivery of the ring, never heard or witnessed a formal marriage request. According to the ruling, Antonio Sainz cannot prove that there was a formal marriage commitment. The architect, who seems to like notoriety, has tried to go to some television sets, but so far he has only gotten one interview per Facetime on Ana Rosa's program, where her explanations were somewhat confusing.