María José Campanario's message against the haters on Jesulín's 50th birthday: “They want to stick needles in your eyes”

This Tuesday, January 9 Jesulín de Ubrique turns 50 years old. Shortly after midnight, María José Campanario He already left her a congratulatory message on Instagram: “Happy 50 for 49, love!” he wrote.

“Congratulations on this new return to the Sun to the purest soul that can exist; to the one with the biggest heart; to the one who works tirelessly; to the one who protects me even from the air that may touch me,” added the dentist along with a carousel of images of the right handed.

“The one who gets emotional and cries with a song by Rocío Jurado and with a little girl who plays the cajon. The one who wakes up at night to put his hand on my chest again and tell me 'I just need to know you're there'” . Campanario, who turned 44 in May, only has words full of love for her husband: “Happy 50, 'pussycat', my boy, my love. I wouldn't change a single one of my days with you. I can't tell you more than that I love you, as far as the light is able to reach.” And she finished the publication with a #hastadondelaluzllegue.

Some famous friends responded to her on the wall. Chenoa sent him a “happy birthday” and Blanca Romerocompanion of the bullfighter in Masterchef Celebritywrote: “Congratulations Mr. Impressive.”

Shortly before congratulating her husband, the mother of Julia, Jesús Alejandro and little Hugo wrote a message against the haters: “Little is said about the wonder of being able to 'restrict' someone here. That they stay there, wanting stick needles in your eyes and they can't respond. She added: #stoppbullying and #stophate, among other hashtags.

After more than 20 years of marriage and the birth of little Hugo in June of last year, Jesús and she appear to be just as in love as the first day. Very reserved about her private life, Campanario took the step of opening her Instagram account in November, following in the footsteps of her husband.