María del Monte recovers her smile surrounded by friends at the Seville Fair: “Let’s move forward”

With smiles, hugs and excited looks. This has been the arrival of the singer and his wife, Immaculate Casal, at the Seville Fair this Monday. The marriage is going through a very complicated moment and her friends have welcomed them with open arms, willing to make them forget, for a little while, the judicial and family problems. Dressed in smart but casual street clothes, Maria del Monte and his wife have enjoyed the party at their close friend’s booth, The Nougat.

“Well, nothing, here to spend the afternoon with friends and enjoy the fair a bit, right? Don’t forget that I sing sevillanas,” María told the press. The artist, happy, is slowly recovering from her latest disappointments and she shows that the support of her loved ones is the best medicine: “Let’s go forward”she said very animated.

Inside he enjoyed a little rebujito with Fran Rivera and Lourdes Montesbeautiful with a purple flamenco dress from her brand, Miabril.

They have arrived very nice and eager to dance. Paz Padilla y Ana Ferrercompletely dressed as flamenco: ruffled dress, manila shawl, flower, fan… they didn’t lack any detail!

The return of María del Monte

The artist suffered a robbery in her home last August. María and Inmaculada were inside the house with the journalist’s daughter and her son-in-law. Gagged and tied, they experienced moments of panic. The thieves made off with loot worth 700,000 euros. The police investigation took place for months and last February the arrest of three men was carried out, including María’s nephew, Antonio Tejado. They accuse him of being the “intellectual author” of the robbery and he has remained in preventive detention since then.

The situation plunged the artist into infinite sadness that worried those closest to her. Fortunately, time heals everything and last Saturday she reappeared on television with her friend Bertín Osborne: “They have taken things from me, but I don’t want them to take my life,” she said forcefully. “I’m fine, without going into details. In life you have to start, you have to live. Especially when you are healthy you see that everything else has a fix. I had the disadvantage of seeing how people I loved left and didn’t. I couldn’t do anything, and everything else is already below it. And he pointed out: “There is a phrase that says ‘Don’t look at what you don’t have, look at what you have and you’ll see how much you have left’ and it’s true. You get everything in life by having health, good friends, good company.”