Mari Ángeles Grajal explains what her true relationship with Jaime Ostos’ children is like

A few days ago it was published that the good relationship that Mari Angeles Grajal Up to now she maintained with the eldest children of her deceased husband, Jaime Ostos has been blown up. The decision of the bullfighter’s widow to move her ashes from Écija to Madrid until the mausoleum in honor of her teacher is built in her hometown, has fallen like a jug of cold water within the family .

However, last weekend Mari Ángeles called the Fiesta program live to deny this information. The aforementioned explained that everything has been taken out of context since Jaime’s will was for his ashes to rest in his house until his sculpture was finished in Écija and the older sons of the bullfighter were aware of the transfer of said ashes. .

We have been able to speak with Mari Ángeles and she has assured us that she does not have to deny what she has not said, stating that there is no bad relationship between her and her late husband’s children. In addition, shoot whoever has leaked that lie: “Everyone there, let anyone who has said something that is not true deny it. What I have said is that everything is fine and look, my house is for Jaime’s children, for whenever you want”.

The doctor also confirmed to us that for her part the relationship with the bullfighter’s children is “great”, so it is not understood that the contrary has transpired. What she has made clear is that “I am not amused that my husband’s ashes serve as entertainment on television sets. I am not even funny. I am going through a duel and I have the ashes there in front of me.”

Mari Ángeles confessed to us that “I dedicate myself to remembering my husband and being friends with my friends” and with that it’s okay, she doesn’t want to go to any television program for the moment to remember him. In addition, she publicly thanked her son Jacobo for being her greatest support at this time: “Great, thanks to him I keep myself going. He encourages me and so on.”