The girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo We are used to eccentricities, be it in their looks, on their children’s birthdays or even on their own, as was the case this Friday, January 27, when they blew out 29 candles in a restaurant in Riyadh, the capital of Arabia. Saudi, where he has lived since the footballer signed for Al-Nassr.

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To the celebration for the anniversary of the life of Georgina He did not miss a detail. There was a double cake, one of them had three floors, a personalized menu with a photograph of the look of her first carpet in the country of the Arabian peninsula or a wall full of frames with her face.

Thanks to social networks, we have been able to see that the tables were decorated with white flowers and the tones of the rest of the decoration were green and gold. On one huge screen it read “Happy Birthday Georgina,” and on another constantly projected images of the Ronaldo-Rodriguez family enjoying their time together.

As expected, the one from Jaca was accompanied on the evening by her boy and her children, Christian Jr., Mateo, Eva, Alana and the little one Bella Esmeralda. In addition, his sister came, Ivana Rodriguezand her husband, Carlos Garcia.

The influencer, with more than 40 million followers on Instagram, has a lot to celebrate after spending a tragic year due to the death of one of the twins she was expecting, Ángel. In March, Netflix premieres the second part of its reality show, after the first season was placed among the top 10 most watched productions worldwide.