Marcelo, Carlos Sainz and Atlético women receive the Seven Sports Stars

Ayuso highlights the “fighting spirit of the region” represented by the winners in each of their categories


The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, presented this Monday the Seven Stars of Sport awards, from the 2019 and 2020 editions, to people and entities that have stood out in the promotion, development and development of sport in the region , among which are Marcelo, Carlos Sainz or the female Atlético de Madrid.

“Today we bring together the winners of 2019 and 2020. All of them in each of the nine modalities well represent the fighting spirit of this region, which is the economic and social engine of all of Spain and also a national reference in quality of life”, has pointed out the president, from the Real Casa de Correos, headquarters of the Presidency of the Community of Madrid.

Ayuso stressed that all the winners are an example of how to take Madrid’s sport to the top, but he also underlined the importance of the reasons for doing so. “In addition to enthusiasm and values, sport and exercise provide health, contribute extraordinarily to adding more years to life and more life to those years”, he remarked, while assuring that aid to federations will continue to increase, clubs and athletes from the 179 Madrid municipalities.

For her part, the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, has celebrated that after the pandemic these personalities and entities can be “tributed” as they deserve and has advanced that they are already working to grant those of 2022, which they seek to perpetuate some awards that “for decades have rewarded great names at a sporting level”.


Thus, the awards for best male athlete have gone to former Real Madrid soccer player Marcelo Vieira and Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz, respectively, while in the female category, to rugby player Patricia García and the Paralympic runner-up of athletics Sara Martinez.

Marcelo, who was captain of Real Madrid until this past season, stands out for his 25 titles with the white team, being the most successful footballer in the club’s history, with five Champions Leagues and six Leagues. He has not been able to attend to collect the award and has delegated his son Enzo to his.

Patricia García, a native of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, has been national champion in Spain, France and England, four times European champion and Olympic Diploma at the Rio de Janeiro Games. Likewise, she has relevant academic titles related to different fields of sport.

Paralympic athlete Sara Martínez, a member of the Spanish Federation of Blind Sports, has been three times European champion in the T12 long jump (severe visual impairment), runner-up in the world in 2017 and Silver Medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games , having already participated in five Olympic competitions.

For his part, the Spanish Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz faces his second season at the Italian team. His debut in Formula 1 was in the 2015 season, when he had just turned 20 years old.

In his speech at the event, Sainz celebrated the “commitment and support” that the Community of Madrid gives to sport, and not just competition. “A healthy and active lifestyle can form part of the identity of a region and from here encouragement to continue facilitating and promoting any type of sports initiative”, he remarked.

It has also sent a message to the youngest. “Pursue your dreams and goals with pride and passion but above all with hard work and effort. Don’t be fooled, sometimes you will reach your goals but many other times you will fail in the attempt, as has happened to all of us. In both cases the most important to move forward is to fight for the next goal is to know that you have given everything”, he pointed out.


In the category of Best Sports Entity in the Community of Madrid, the 2020 edition rewards Club Atlético de Madrid Feminino, which has won four Leagues, a Queen’s Cup and the Spanish Super Cup last year. While that of 2019 distinguishes the Aranjuez Canoeing School Club, from which great names in this discipline have emerged.

The president of Atlético, Enrique Cerezo, has recalled that 21 years ago when they began the “new adventure of having a women’s team and beginning to outline the magnificent organizational, competitive and training structure” they have today.

“We started with 40 players and two teams, but thanks to everyone’s effort, work and passion this season, the current one, we have 332 players, 70 coaches and 18 teams. Our women’s team, which has already won three league championships, one Copa de la Reina and a title from the Spanish Super Cup. Women’s football is already an unstoppable phenomenon, which continues to grow throughout the world. It is a joy to see how other clubs are joining this safe bet”, he declared .

Madrid’s promises are also represented in this event by the Olympic taekwondo runner-up Adriana Cerezo (2020) and the Olympic swimmer Nicolás García (2019). In the field of inclusive sport, the adapted sailing world champion Gabriel Barroso (2020) and the Spanish Paralympic Committee (2019) have been awarded.


In terms of promoting sport, both the role of local administrations and private initiative are recognized. Thus, on the one hand, the municipalities of Miraflores de la Sierra (2020) and Arroyomolinos (2019) have stood out, and, in the private sector, the 2020 and 2019 awards have been granted, respectively, to the Fundación Mapfre and ASPROCAN (Association of Canary Islands Banana Producer Organizations) – Canary Islands Banana.

The only Spanish woman member of the International Olympic Committee, Marisol Casado, together with the mountaineer Carlos Soria, determined at 83 years of age to conquer the 14 highest mountains on the planet after having already reached 12, have been erected with the Prize for the Promotion of Values ​​of the years 2020 and 2019. In the 2020 edition in the Sportsmanship category it has gone to the Dakar motorcycle drivers Javier Vega and Sara García, and to the Club Escuela Juventud Sanse in 2019.