“Her condition is delicate”: Moncho Ferrer talks about Carmen Sevilla’s health after turning 92

Carmen Sevillefor years, she has been admitted to a residence where, frequently, her son visits her Augusto J. Algueróand his faithful confidant, Moncho Ferrer. This Sunday, the legend of Spanish cinema and our popular culture turned 92 years old and his friend has given details of how he is.

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Moncho visited her this Sunday with a bouquet of flowers and, on his way out of the center, explained that Carmen “is wonderful, calm. I have left her hair freshly combed, as the song says, listening to The beauty of Cadiz“.

However, he added: “I do not like to lie, her condition is delicate (…) She needs patience and tranquility. She is still in delicate health, but in general, within what is good, she is fine, exactly fantastic within what fantastic that you can see”.

Moncho is a great support for the actress, who suffers from Alzheimer’s: “I come to see her almost every week and she is wonderful. A teddy bear. She is a person who, if she did not exist, would have to be invented. She is generous, affectionate, good, noble, a good wife, a good mother, a very good friend. It is very difficult to define her,” she told the microphones of Europapress. “Carmen Sevilla means everything. There is only one.”

He also had some nice words for Augusto, explaining that he couldn’t be a better son for his mother: “He’s an extraordinary guy, out of the ordinary. Who said he doesn’t come to see her? His relationship with his mother is very good, he has between cottons, but each one expresses their feelings in a different way”. She maintains that every time they visit her, the Andalusian “makes faces” despite her illness.

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Ferrer also spoke about how his mother’s routine is at the center: “In her day to day she does gymnastic exercises, she takes a little walk around the center, which is wonderful. We would all sign for being like this when we are older. No It’s available to everyone.”

Carmen Sevilla has been hospitalized since 2015 in the Aravaca Orpea center for the elderly, in Madrid, where she is fully cared for 24 hours a day. Her last job in front of the cameras was in Neighborhood Cinema as a presenter, a space that she had to leave because her illness was already taking its toll on her in her last appearances. Her son and her friend Moncho do not miss each visit to give her all her love.