Marc Márquez trolls Gemma Pinto with his ‘worst’ photo and she swears revenge: “It’ll be a bitch..!”

The MotoGP rider and the model have become one of the funniest couples on social networks. In the purest style of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Marc Márquez y Gemma Pinto They troll each other in the 2.0 universe every time they have the opportunity and they return the taunts with an unquestionable sense of humor. The last one was this Sunday in a carousel of images that the Catalan has shared with his followers on social networks and in which he has ‘snuck’ a photograph of his girl eating a sandwich: “¡Será cabr..!”she commented with the emoji of laughter and a white heart. “The revenge will be terrible,” predicts a mutual friend.

Beyond the jokes, Márquez, who has become the highest paid rider on the circuit after signing for Ducati for two more seasons (between 12 and 14 million euros), has boasted of a great week in the company of his girlfriend and some friends. The good weather has allowed them to enjoy the countryside and some of their outdoor hobbies, such as motocross, cycling or karting. Sunday was dedicated to romance and they enjoyed a plan for two at home: Formula 1, pizza and massages on the couch. “The perfect plan”he has written.

The model has become the best travel companion for Márquez, who has her support on every circuit in which he competes. They live together and last month they celebrated their first anniversary: ​​”Coexistence is very easy. He is super easy, a piece of bread. It’s how you see it. He is super peaceful. Also his tranquility, stability… He is always in a very good mood “she said in Hola. Gemma has adapted so well to everyday life with Marc that it doesn’t even bother her to be called ‘girlfriend’: “No, it doesn’t make me feel bad. It’s just that, really, for me, we are all equal and I understand that there are people who prefer to call me one way or call me another. The only thing that matters to me is staying the way I have always been.

In recent weeks, romantic messages have been dedicated through social networks, making it clear that their relationship is going from strength to strength: “And there were no grand gestures, no candlelight dinners, no red roses everywhere. I didn’t need any of that to know that it was there. That it was with you.”she wrote.