Malú, torn, sings her new song of heartbreak for the first time between cries of “Rivera cabrón”

Little one On the night of this Saturday, September 9, he offered a very special concert for his career, the last of his ‘Mil Batallas Tour’. Before a dedicated audience in Salamanca, she took the opportunity to sing live for the first time Absenther first heartbreak song after breaking up with Albert Rivera. A song that will be included on their next album.

The audience present in the Plaza Mayor was revolutionized when the performer sang her heartbreaking song, which includes phrases as significant as this: “I don’t understand why I feel so alone when I’m with you,” “No matter what happens, she [la hija que tienen en común] goes first” or “You’re a stranger walking by my house. I don’t recognize you, I don’t understand what’s wrong with you. You say you love me when you see the precipice. Malquering has become a vice.”

The level of emotion rose so much among the audience that even a staunch follower shouted at the top of her lungs: “Rivera bastard.” Among the audience it was impossible to contain the laughter.

On social networks, reactions have also occurred with comments for all tastes: “Do not forget that he is the father of her daughter and, even if he is not, it is not right to put her in that situation.” In general, her followers celebrated with positivity that she sang the heartbreak song: “she killed me with that song and her lioness mother’s face when she says ‘She goes first’ and everyone singing it,” “Malú singing Absent my God. Boss, we love you” or “Broken with pain,” wrote other users.

The breakup of the interpreter black and white and the father of her daughter was confirmed at the end of June. In recent weeks, the former Ciudadanos politician has caused people to talk about photos of him with other women. First with the Catalan actress who ate his ear in Ibiza, Aysha Daraaui, and then with the designer Carla Cotterli, also on the Pitiusan island. On August 20, she sadly mourned the death of his father. Malú herself approached the funeral home to say goodbye.