Mainat withdraws from a battle but not from the war: the last movements of the producer against against Dobrowolski

television producer, Joseph Maria Mainatwas withdrawn this Monday as a private prosecution in the trial in which they accuse his ex-wife, Ángela Dobrowolskiof allegedly forging checks made out to him during August 2020.

He announced it during his statement at the trial before the Criminal Court 1 of Barcelona, ​​in which he justified his withdrawal because, after the alleged scam, the bank returned the money and he no longer feels “harmed”.

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“I got a little angry because someone wanted to swindle me, but I’m over it and I have no interest in this trial reaching any special purpose,” Mainat said.

He also pointed out that he wants “these small trials to end” and that his lawyers focus on the trial of the alleged attempted murder, where his ex-wife allegedly tried to kill him with an overdose of insulin.

The indictment, collected by Europa Press, explains that the checkbook was in the house that the couple shared, and that Dobrowolski filled out a check for 1,200 euros simulating that it had been delivered in favor of his sister, including a forged signature of Mainat.

Later, he went to the bank to cash the check, showing his sister’s ID and forged her signature to receive the money, and the prosecutor assures that he did the same with a second check for 2,900 euros, for which he asks for three years of jail.

Angela Dobrowolski

Dobrowolski, who also testified this Monday at the trial and did so with a white wig, explained that she filled out, but did not sign the checks, and assured that she did not find out that they had been signed until the Mossos d’Esquadra arrested her.

He added that he made a pact with Mainat, in which he paid the down payment on a flat to a sister of Dobrowolski who had come to live in Barcelona and, in exchange, the accused would leave the children with him on vacation days that the producer wanted. .

Likewise, Mainat’s ex-wife pointed out that more people lived in that house, so “another person could have signed the checks.”

During the last word shift, Dobrowolski stated that he currently suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome, and addressed the court: “You should do an internship in a prison, because if you put people in jail they should know what it is. They should have given me protected more in the last three years.


For his part, the head of the bank office where the checks were cashed testified as a witness, explaining that “a woman with a foreign accent who told him she was a relative of Mainat” came to cash them, but he denied that it was Dobrowolski.

Also, several agents of the Mossos d’Esquadra, during their testimony as witnesses, clarified that “they could not determine” the authorship of the signature of the checks.