Luis Rubiales: “They will not be able to prove any illegality because I have not committed any”


The president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, is fully confident that it will not be possible to “demonstrate any illegality” during his time at the head of the organization, where he is carrying out “honest and successful”.

“They will not be able to prove any illegality because I have not committed any, I can justify everything. The Salobreña villa is all false, no one is going to be able to prove that we have done anything with a card, there is not a single cent of a euro that has been poorly managed,” said Rubiales on ‘El Partidazo’ on the COPE network.

The leader made it clear that he is “to render an account” of his “work” and that they have carried out “an honest and successful management”, for which he thinks that it seems “impossible” that he could resign. “This is littering without any proof,” he added.

In this sense, he recalled that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor asked them for all the documentation in May for the audios related to the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia and that they have not yet made him “go to testify” nor have they formulated “accusations” against the. “And when they saw that it was dying, they went to another court in Majadahonda,” he remarked.

Rubiales also assured that it is “totally false” that he ordered to spy on David Aganzo, president of AFE, and that the payment made by the federation on the same dates to the detective agency Cryptex Europa SL was for a legal expert opinion.

The president of the RFEF also insisted that he has not “recorded any conversation” and that the person who did it, his uncle Juan Rubiales, whom he described as a “broken toy”, is no longer in the body “because of behavior like this” . “I have not recorded a minister or the Prime Minister,” he asserted.

In addition, he also denied any irregularity in his trips to New York or in the help he receives to have a home in Madrid, something that he insisted was ratified by the RFEF Assembly, and warned that he is the “lowest paid manager” compared to other CEOs of similar federations or clubs.

Regarding the issue of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, the former soccer player stressed that they did not pay “not one euro” and that “no commission” has been taken. “The essential thing is that the RFEF has a modest remnant for football, regardless of whether one team or another participates,” he pointed out.

Finally, regarding the private audios with his father where he joked with the nicknames of teams such as Sevilla, Villarreal or Atlético de Madrid, he clarified that it is the product of his “tremendous rivalry” during his time as a footballer and considered that “to think that a ‘joke ‘ can go further is bad thought”.


“I have not spoken with any of the presidents, I will do so when I meet them, who have also criticized me and have said tremendous things. There was one who contacted me and told me it was nonsense.
I feel football and I am a football fan and I act honestly with all the clubs. This comes out the same day as the LaLiga Assembly and I don’t believe in coincidences,” he said.

On the other hand, Rubiales was “totally against Superliga” because he considers that “it would do a beastly damage to football, to the leagues and to the federations”, and confessed that it is not “comfortable” for him to be between Florentino Pérez and Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFA and a person “of many principles and very firm”. “He knows that he has a strong defender of pyramid football in me,” said the manager.

Regarding the World Cup in Qatar, he hopes that the national team is “fighting or looking into the eyes of the greatest” and he believed that reaching the semifinals would be “a good result.” “But I don’t sign it. We are the most difficult team to win because we are the ones that have the most ball, but I know what football is about and I can’t set the goal of winning the World Cup for the coach,” he admitted.

Finally, regarding the situation in the women’s team, he explained that his “last message” with the players was on August 15. “I told them to sit down and talk, that it wasn’t going to be through dialogue, but with Jorge Vilda in front,” explained Rubiales.

“Then comes that kind of rebellion in the September call and then the 15 individual emails saying that mental and physical health depends on who is there. They have tried to break the order and if the principle of dialogue is fundamental, also that of authority and the hierarchy”, settled the president of the RFEF.