March 6 is not an ordinary day for Real Madrid. It's our birthday. On a day like today in 1902, this historic club was created, initially named Madrid Foot-Ball Club. Brothers Juan and Carlos Padrós (both Catalan crib), as well as Julian Palacios (Madrid), were the supporters of his pregnancy. They did not imagine the great work they were building, as demonstrated by being chosen in 2000 as Best Club of the 20th Century.

It never went down. Madrid is characterized by the white color of all its equipment and, of course, the fact of being, together with Barça and Athletic, the only team that has ever tasted the misfortune of descending to Second. Since the National League started in 1929 Madrid has always been there, competing and accumulating more titles than anyone: 33.

But whites have forged their legend thanks to the European Cup, competition in which it is hegemonic with 13 titles, almost double its immediate competitor (Milan, 7). His five conquests followed at the start of this competition (1956-60) cemented the world dimension of the club, thanks to the unparalleled work of Santiago Bernabeu, in the offices, and of Alfredo Di Stefano, on the pitch. I do not forget Puskas (which was reinvented despite arriving at 31) or of Paco Gento, the only player who can boast of having won six European Cups.

In these 118 years of life, Madrid has managed to be the club with the most supporters on the planet (about 600 million followers) and has earned a reputation that has valued until its last executioner, Pep Guardiola: “Their players feel a failure not to win the Champions League. There is no one better than them in this competition …”. Amen to everything. Real Madrid, happy 118th birthday!


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