Madness in networks for the sexiest photos of Jeremy Allen White: “Good for Rosalía”

The madness has been unleashed on social networks due to the new photos of the protagonist of The Bearwho has posed for Calvin Klein in a campaign that has quickly gone viral. Jeremy Allen White salt with Rosalía for a few months now. The Catalan singer regained her hope in love with the actor after her media breakup with the Puerto Rican artist Raw Alejandro in summer of last year.

“I don't know how Rosalía will deal with the tobacco, but I see how good the diet is,” “Rosalía, I look at you, I observe you, I analyze you and I respect you,” “Good for Rosalía,” “Everyone worrying about Rosalía's health, I I see her very well fed to be honest” or “Oh my God, Rosalía, put her down,” some users have written on X, amazed by the photos of the 32-year-old American actor. The famous performer has starred in the well-known fashion brand's spring 2024 men's underwear collection.

About a month ago, new images of Rosalía and Jeremy also made a splash on social media. In them both appear smoking in a parking lot in the West Hollywood area. Something that surprised the followers of the artist Badly31 years old, for the statements she herself gave in The Anthill: “Pablo, I don't smoke. This hummingbird voice couldn't stand it,” he explained a few months ago.

For many, the two make the most amazing couple of the moment. Their photos around Los Angeles are becoming more frequent but both, who are very reserved with their private lives, have not yet taken the step of speaking publicly about their relationship. The actor of Shameless Divorced a few months ago Addison Timlinthe mother of his two daughters, whom he always has to visit after having undergone a breathalyzer test.