The wife of Pedro Sanchez It has become a trending tropic this weekend on social networks due to the controversial statements that Pilar Baselga, a collaborator in Hazte Oír campaigns, launched about her in a Distrito TV program.

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“The Moroccan secret services have proof that Begoña Gomez would be involved in drug trafficking issues,” said the commentator, who also referred to her as “Begoño” because “she comes from a family with a tradition of gay fauna.”

Surprising as it may seem, this Sunday Macarena People He has come out in defense of the wife of the President of the Government and has condemned these attacks. “All my support for Begoña Gómez. There are red lines that should never be crossed. It is the difference between criticism and moral misery,” she wrote on Twitter.

From the sector of the left they have also expressed solidarity with Gómez. “The hatred and ridicule of Begoña Gómez is not new and it has to stop. Not only for her, for all of them. You have my support, we are together,” she shared. Irene Montero.