Macarena García forgets Leiva with the actor Enric Auquer: they unleash their passion for Madrid

New year, new couple. January 2024 has already brought us a new relationship, that of the actors Macarena Garcia y Enrique Auquer. The two have been photographed in the streets of Madrid laughing, hugging and kissing each other.

The protagonist of The call and the actor Perfect life have worked together on A house in flames, a film by Dani de la Orden that was recorded in the autumn of last year in various locations in Cadaqués and the Costa Brava. The film will be released in theaters in June.

On a personal level they smile and on a professional level too. The winner of the Goya for Best New Actress for Snow White has once again achieved great critical and public success thanks to The Messiah, the new series by his brother (Javier Ambrossi) and Javier Calvo that is available on Movistar Plus+. As for the Catalan actor, this year he has the possibility of winning his second Goya, since he is nominated for Best Actor for his role in The teacher who promised the sea. The first, for Best Newcomer, was won in 2020 by Who kills with iron.

Regarding the love field, it must be remembered that in October 2022 the breakup of the actress and the singer and composer Leiva was confirmed after eight years of love, being until that moment one of the most consolidated and discreet couples on the national scene. As for Auquer, who is also very reserved with his relationships, he is the father of a son with the singer Adela Oller and has another daughter from a previous relationship. García, for his part, lives in Madrid, while his new dream resides in Barcelona.