Lydia Lozano: “Leaving Sálvame to go to TVE was a leap that could benefit us: Mira Terelu”

A Lydia Lozano He has not lacked work – he is on TVE – since Mediaset canceled Save mebut at 63 years old he has decided to return to his former colleagues and bosses. “We have to support the people who have given me so much work”, says about Óscar Cornejo and Adrián Madrid (Fabricantes), who this Wednesday launch Canal Quickie. They intend to recover the essence of the Telecinco program in a new format that will be broadcast on streaming via YouTube and Twitch. “I want this to succeed, because maybe someone important misses us”says the journalist. Lydia

Lozano belongs to the backbone of Save me as a ‘pata negra’ member of a program that, for better or worse, has made television history. Of course, he wants this return to be more like the beginnings of Save me and less to the final era, the most controversial and aggressive. He says he had a hard time, but he held on because he never wanted to “throw in the towel.” “Many would have been happy and that’s why I didn’t leave.” From this Wednesday it will be in Not even if we were…., because the first title, Not that we were Save Mehas disappeared due to the claim that Mediaset has made about its brand.

since it ended Save me, you haven’t stopped and you’ve signed for TVE. Have you aroused envy among your colleagues who have been more isolated from television?

On the contrary, everyone called me to congratulate me for having a job. Get out of Save me Going to TVE was a very good leap that could benefit us all. Look at Terelu. Open horizons when we thought that Save me It was a dark, sinister world… well, it’s very good.

Have they received you well on TVE or have they looked at you badly for being ‘Sálvame’s’?

You can’t imagine it, although I was afraid. I started in Blood ties when Concha Velasco died and then I went to Mornings. I couldn’t believe they called me TVE. Eduardo Blanco, who is from La Cometa (Mornings), he didn’t tell me I couldn’t come here (Quickie Channel). I’m sure this is good and I want this to succeed, because maybe someone important misses us.

Are you ready for Even That We Were Sálvame to be as intense as before?

I wouldn’t wear a already seen. I’m very reset. In between writing a book, I have gone to TVE, which is another world… Now my head is much better furnished. If that comes back [las peleas de Sálvame] and I see that I have to put on the act… At some point it may happen, but I don’t want it to go back to what it was before. I want there to be laughter, like at the beginning of Save meand that it is not so much our life, but that of Antonio Tejado, which interests me more.

But one of the secrets of Save me is that you were the protagonists.

But that’s what I didn’t like about Save me.

You were many years…

Because I don’t like to abandon. And I always thought that leaving was throwing in the towel and many would be happy. I didn’t do it for that reason.

Accustomed to big sets, Canal Quickie is a more humble project, where you are going to be almost streamers. How do you take it?

I like challenges and I think this is very good, because someone can see us and say: ‘My God, what we have lost on television.’ This is putting ourselves back in the market and in a free and fun way as it was. Save me. Maybe they say, ‘how bad we did it.’

Is there a component of pride in all this?

It’s very exciting that people comment and want us to come back… that’s why we’re interested.

Are you restricted by what they say about you on social networks?

Me? After having spent 14 years in Save me? No no. What I want is for the program to succeed. A lot of things have happened in these months, news like that of Antonio Tejado, Daniel Sancho… People missed us. That gives a lot of joy.

María Patiño explained to us in an interview that she was offered a guest spot on De Viernes. Have they offered it to you? Would you go?

Me? No, no. They haven’t invited me. As interviewed? Would not go.

There have been other developments in the world of television in recent months. Next season are you going to see Broncano, Motos or Latre in prime time access?

I see Broncano in the fragments they share on social networks. And to Pablo when I have dinner, I do like the guest character.

Broncano, Motorcycles or Latre

But who are you going to see, Broncano, Motos or Latre?

To Latre? But is Latre going to do a talk show? We are very friends and he always tells me that my voice is difficult to imitate. It is difficult to compete in access, first because Broncano has to catch the people who are dining at 10:00 p.m. and it will be difficult with the guests he brings, he will have to make a change. The bet they have made is very difficult. And Pablo has been there for many years. And Latre? What is Latre going to do? Latre is a comedian. But I wish him the best, because he is wonderful.

Aside from your back problems that you have already explained, what has your experience been like in Baila como puede?

I have had a nice time. The shame is that they scheduled us very badly, at 2 in the morning… It was a fantastic program and I have brought along very good people, like Ana Guerra.

Are you going to their wedding?

Yes, I’m going to the wedding and I already have the invitation. Ana Guerra is wonderful, they make a great couple and I’m sure it’s going to be a fun wedding.