Letizia, excited “in Oviedo, my land”: her reunion with the filmmaker León de Aranoa, a college classmate

The Queen’s trip to her beloved Oviedo. The capital of the Principality has hosted the 2024 World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day Awards, which Mrs. Letizia presented this Tuesday, May 14, to mark the 160 years of history of the organization.

Mrs. Letizia has presented the Gold Medals to the San Camilo Health Care Center, to the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER), to the film director Fernando León de Aranoa, to the scientist Fernando Valladares, to the Neuroderechos Foundation and to the Servimedia Agency, as a means of communication, unique model of social integration. At the time of presenting the recognition to the director of The good register, Neighborhood y Mondays in the sun, The Queen has shaken her hand with affection and admiration.

For both, the Queen and the director, it has been a reunion. The two were students of the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid. They met there, in the lobby of the academic center almost three years ago, in September 2021. It was on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of this faculty from which they graduated. Both received tributes as UCM Honor Students.

For this event, the Queen composed a white and red look, corporate of the organization: designer nuclear white pants palazzo and a coral red bullfighter jacket. He has repeated white sneakers, which he has been wearing since he suffered a fracture in the toe of his right foot and which forces him to wear flat and loose shoes, as confirmed by the King’s House.

Without reading, with an emotional tone and with perfect diction, the Queen has spoken some words of admiration and gratitude to the Spanish Red Cross for more than a century and a half of commitment to society. Also, for the winners. “That the Red Cross has given you this recognition means that your work is transformative.” She continued: “We look back (at those 160 years) and forward”, because no matter what happens, “catastrophes, wars, exclusion, inequality and poverty, we will always find an outstretched hand from the Red Cross.” She concluded with a nod to her beloved Asturias: “Oviedo, my city and my land, I hope you can enjoy it… Don’t stay too long because otherwise it will be difficult to leave.”