Lydia Lozano confirms our scoop and updates her health status: “I have undergone surgery”

We announced it on May 13: the Canarian journalist had to undergo surgery due to back problems that she has had for years. In recent weeks, pain Lydia Lozano had been increasing until they became a limitation for his work and personal life, so the medical team supervising his case recommended a new visit to the operating room. This Friday, she herself confirmed our information: “Yesterday I was in the operating room again”.

It was during a video call with Patiño and company in Not even if we were shhhh... Regarding the controversy they have with Terelu, with whom Lydia Lozano shares a set on TVE: “This morning she asked me ‘were you there yesterday?’ I tell her ‘no, I wasn’t. I was in the operating room again’ and she hasn’t told me anything,” she said.

Lydia’s problems date back to 2021, when she underwent cervical surgery. A year later, during a check-up, they detected that three vertebrae in her spine were stuck together as a result of osteoporosis and she had to return to the operating room. Once recovered (or so she thought), she decided to participate in dancing with the stars, the failed dance program that Spanish Television presented by Anne Igartiburu that they canceled due to low viewership after moving it to different days and times. At that event, Lydia suffered an accident and broke a rib. And it didn’t stop there: after a few weeks of sick leave, her rib recovered but her back began to hurt. In recent weeks she has been absent from the Mañaneros program and she went “doped” to the premiere of the Quickie Channel, as she herself revealed.