Lunin: “Everyone has helped me and in the end I had to choose, we all chose well”


The Ukrainian footballer Andriy Lunin, goalkeeper of Real Madrid, has highlighted the help of the entire Merengue squad, that “in the end we had to choose” and that they did “well” to eliminate Manchester City in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, with victory in the penalty shootout (3-4) following a 1-1 draw after extra time.

“The MVP of the game today is the entire team,” Lunin declared to Movistar Plus+ from the Etihad Stadium. “All the players have spoken. The coach has helped me, my teammates have helped me, everyone has helped me and in the end we had to choose, we all chose well,” he alluded to his saves and also to the Madrid players’ successes.

“I’m exhausted because it’s really the first game like this in my career at 120 minutes, and with this requirement of being a Champions League game away from home. A lot of suffering, but a lot of thanks to the team, who have suffered, who have run, who have fought and… we moved on to the semis,” summarized the Ukrainian goalkeeper in the mixed zone of the stadium.

In this sense, he analyzed how they had faced the round. “We prepare with all the players who have stayed to take the penalties. We had to take a risk with one and we have chosen one, thank goodness it turned out well. I will stay in the center for sure, yes or yes, we had to stay,” he described the penalty saved for Bernardo Silva.

“Sometimes there are games in which you have to suffer, you have to overcome them, you can’t always play with the ball, you can’t always be the best team on the field. Today was above all a great experience and the The team has made a great effort, they have worked 120 minutes, I can’t even imagine it because I can’t run like that for even five minutes,” Lunin concluded.