Letizia and Máxima fight in a tiara duel: story of the two royal jewels

Gala dinner at the Amsterdam Palace. Letizia and Máxima have starred in a new stylistic duel with very different dresses but the same color tone: blue. The same one that Princess Amalia has also chosen, which debuts in an event of such characteristics. And although The looks of the three royal ladies were magnificentall eyes have been on jewelry, especially tiaras.

Protocol rules and the queens take advantage of the occasion to dust off the best jewels from their royal collections. Doña Letizia, who has always shown her preference for the Flor de Lis headband, has surprised on this occasion with The Russian, a diamond, pearl and platinum piece by Cartier that belonged to María Cristina of Austria, wife of Alfonso XII and that the wife of Felipe VI wore for the first time in 2018, during a gala dinner in honor of the Chinese president.

On this occasion she has completed this magnificent jewel with the diamond earrings that Infanta Cristina wore on her wedding day and the large pearl brooch that she has placed on her decoration. Both are part of the well-known batch of passing, the one that Victoria Eugenia ordered to be passed from queen to queen.

Máxima of Holland has not chosen hers at random either: it is the Stuart Tiara or New Coronation Tiara, one of the most valuable jewels in the royal collection and that her mother-in-law, Queen Beatrix, never used during her reign. Made in Frankfurt in 1898 by the jeweler Schürmann under the commission of Queen Enma of the Netherlands for the coming-of-age ceremony of her daughter, Queen Wilhelmina I, it is presided over by the diamond in capital letters from the Orange collection : considered the largest of the 17th century with a weight of 39.75 carats. Hence, its name “Stuar Diamond” or “Dutch Diamond”.

The wife of William of Holland used it in 2018, thus denying an urban legend that claimed that the tiara had been dismantled due to its excessive weight. Of course, it can be shown in complete or simplified mode. She has completed the set with the brooch and earrings from the Stuarts collection.

Amalia, for her part, has worn a diamond and ruby ​​piece known as Tiara Peacock which has become the princess’s favorite, since we were already able to see her at the dinner after the wedding of Hussein and Rajwa of Jordan. This is a diadem from 1897 that was created by the house Johann Eduard Schürmann & Co for Queen Wilhelmina, great-grandmother of the current king, with rubies that belonged to Queen Sofia, the first wife of her father, King William III . She was ‘missing’ for almost three decades (she is known as the lost jewel) until Queen Máxima used her again in 2009. On this occasion, Amalia has supported her with a bracelet, earrings and necklace, the complete set.

In addition, the princess has debuted the decoration that King Felipe granted her just a week ago: the Grand Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic, which she wore pinned to the side of her dress, separated from the band, yellow and white.