Luis Miguel sells everything: 400,000 tickets for his tour fly in 24 hours

Luis Miguel on tour asks for it. In 24 hours since his tour tickets went on sale, the singer has sold 400,000. An absolute record in this journey that will take him through some South American countries, the United States and Mexico. It is published by Forbes magazine, which quotes the EFE Agency.

Tour 2023. In the US, tickets have already been sold out at 19 contracted concerts. It is one of the data that the start of Luis Miguel’s promotion leaves us.

It has not only swept the United States. Also in “the nine functions that he will offer in Argentina and the six that he will give in Chile have been ‘sold out’ (sold out)”, reads the statement from his promoter. Another piece of information: a few hours before ticket sales opened, more than a million people were waiting in line online. It will begin in Argentina, on August 3. From there he will begin his international tour. Spain is not on this tour. However, the powerful influence of Paloma Cuevas and the great demand of her fans could make her change her mind. Will we see him on a Spanish stage?