Piercing. This is the testimony of Lucia Rivera about the psychological and physical abuse she suffered from some of her ex-boyfriends. The biological daughter of blanca romero and adoptive of Cayetano Rivera has been opened on the channel in a book that will be published on March 22 with the Espasa publishing house, Nothing is what it seems.

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“The -psychological- abuse that I suffered in my first relationship ended up being physical in the second. Now that I stop to think about it, I recognize that I was the perfect victim, almost tailor-made, a girl with a lot of internalized abuse, possessive jealousy, insults and intermittent reinforcements,” he says.

“The first time I don’t even remember it well, because there were many, more and more. I always excused it by blaming it on the fact that he was drugged and I understood that this was a ‘normal’ way of relating, that I would be able to make him change, that the culprit it was me… But the fights increased from month to month, not only with him, but with everyone around me. His infidelities, which were not few, managed to make me smaller and smaller and filled me with anger”, confesses the young woman 24 years old in his book, which includes The Objetive.

The model experienced authentic moments of horror: “I always defended Aitor tooth and nail. I don’t know why, but I assure you that I felt true admiration for him. I remember his eyes, out of their sockets, bloodied with rage, and the frown looking at me staring at me while exclaiming all kinds of threats and pinning my neck against the wall. I felt a kind of death inside of me, I had bruises even on my ears, and no, it never crossed my mind to take legal action.”

Then, he explains the reason why he did not report: “I did not do it out of fear, out of fear that he would pay the consequences and, above all, out of fear of the consequences that I could pay. (…) Learning to loving in that context kills you. Nobody teaches you any lessons until you live it. It’s fucking difficult to get back. He brought out the worst part of me and then used it against me and made me feel guilty for his blows. I even felt I deserved them and accepted them in the form of punishment. He tore me to pieces and built me ​​up in his own way.”

In December 2022, we learned about Lucía’s break with the footballer Ignacio Mendez-Navia Fernandez after seven months of dating. Through the heart of the young woman, and that it has been public, the eSports businessman has also passed Alejandro Sáez Novalesor the MotoGP rider Marc Márquez. In the book, Rivera also addresses the risks of fame, the dangers of the world of fashion, and mental health issues.