the friendship of Kiko Hernandez y Fran Anton is on everyone’s lips. Especially since in his own show, Save meThey have doubted that they are just friends. To “resolve” questions about the former big brother, this Friday he sat in the Deluxe Encarni Manfredimother of Kiko’s only known girlfriend, Patricia Ledesma.

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“That that I am going to solve all the doubts, no no … that I have not been in Kiko Hernández’s bed,” the former mother-in-law of Madrid pointed out to the collaborators of the program. According to Encarni, her daughter’s relationship with the former friend of Belen Rodriguez was limited to his stay inside the house of Big Brother. “They only had sex inside the house” and “it was that time, quickly, and that’s it. They didn’t consummate.”

So, Lydia Lozano He interrupted to say that he cannot believe Encarni’s version, as he assures that she coincided with Kiko and Patricia for a while on the sets and “they looked very much in love”. “And what does love have to do with sex?” Replied the guest. “Are you going to tell me that they did not have sexual relations and that nothing happened?” the journalist insisted. “That there was nothing, that it was only that night,” confirms Encarni.

Patricia and Kiko starred in the first edredoning and the first hour without cameras in the Guadalix de la Sierra house in 2002. That moment became one of the most talked about plots on television that year. Everything seemed to be going great between the two until they left the house and declared war, speaking in the media. A battle in which Encarni Manfredi was also involved.

However, both posed together last October and surprised all their followers on social networks. “And 20 years later… looks like we’re 20 years younger,” they wrote on Instagram. Currently, Ledesma is married to Roberto Zapata, a businessman in the real estate sector, with whom he began dating in 2007 and they have two children together, Roberto and Cayetana. Kiko, for his part, is the father of April y Jimena. The little ones were born in the United States by surrogacy in 2017.