Lucas Vázquez stays

Lucas Vázquez (29 years old) stays at Madrid. The Galician winger has rejected a succulent offer that came to him these days from Qatar and has opted to fulfill the remaining year of his contract with Real Madrid. It was the non-negotiable desire of the player, as AS has already been informing them for several months, and also of Zidane. For the French coach, Lucas Vázquez is a fundamental player-wild card in his schemes, number 12. Last season I used him as a right winger in 4-3-3, as a containment midfielder in a 4-4-2 and in Right-back chances when Carvajal wasn't available. A multipurpose player that also works hard in the dressing room and keeps a very good relationship with the heavyweights of the team. Lucas is very loved in the group and both Zidane and his teammates have celebrated the player's decision, who has put sporting issues before economic ones.

It is true that in the dome of the club Lucas's departure was not frowned upon, but After the loan of Brahim to Milan and the possible departure of Bale to United, that position has been more open to compete, in which Marco Asensio and Rodrygo are also found. Lucas knows that at the end of each season with Zidane he ends up billing around thirty games, to which he adds a couple of goals and three or four assists. Qatari money can wait. Lucas, who came to play for Spain in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, considers that he has four years of great performance left in the elite and prefers to continue at Madrid with the dream of convincing the club to renew their contract. And if it's not that way, In 2021 you can go anywhere for free with a guaranteed transfer bonus. Your bet seems the most successful of all.