The Real Madrid players who have played a match with the oldest

Cannavaro (35 years and 253 days)

The list of footballers who have played for Madrid at the age of 35, the same with whom Modric starts the season and which Ramos will meet in March, is more extensive. A Ballon d'Or like the Croatian stands out: Fabio Cannavaro. The transalpine center-back is, after Dudek, the oldest Real Madrid debutant in the 21st century. 'Il Bello' premiered 17 days before turning 33. But at the age of 35, other great Madridistas have also played: Santillana (the oldest, at 35 years and 273 days), Hierro, Zamora, Benito, Pirri, Gordillo or the most recent Ricardo Carvalho.