Lopetegui: “It has been years since there was a team like Bayern”

-Bono made a great Europa League. How do you see him with the rest of the goalkeepers in the world?

I look at the players on my team, not on the others. I am happy to have the goalkeepers that we have. Comparing them is part of your job.

-How do you see the team compared to the one in the Europa League?

It is true that we have stopped for a very short time. There have been footballers who have left and others have arrived but we are excited to continue achieving things.

-He has rehearsed with three centrals. Can you play like this?

We have played two friendly matches with the intention of adapting to the rhythm of the competition and traveling. We have had variations this season and we are also predictable in what we do. Above any tactical decision is the will and the spirit to face a game of these characteristics that there is no other than to give our best version to compete with a team like Bayern.

-How are previous successes handled?

We want so much that everything else takes a back seat. It is the moment of permanent adaptation. It has been many years since a team as strong as Bayern appeared in Europe.

-Is it important to have a central defender like Diego Carlos?

We are going to need above all to play as a team. There is no other way to attack or defend them, we will try to do that. We will try to get everyone, not just Diego, to give their best version.

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