Llorente's example

Spain beat and convinced before Portugal. The mood changed. The enthusiasm returned. Defeat on debut against Switzerland and the debates after the games before Honduras and Chile they had outdone themselves. Now they were debating whether Fernando llorente He had to be a starter after coming out connected in eighths and give depth and other nuances to the game of Spain.

Llorente himself passed the debate in an interview he gave after the afternoon training session on that June 30. After interviewing and taking special photos to Cesc, Xavi, Ramos and Torres, it was the turn of the character of the day after his good debut in a World Cup.

“There is no debate here about whether I should be a starter.” The discussion was closed by Llorente himself in the interview. And he supported Torres: “In the team we all trust Fernando; I am sure his time is yet to come.” Llorente had not played a minute in the first three games and when the coach took him out, he performed at a high level, fulfilling the role assigned to him and demonstrating the high quality of the 23 summoned. “I do not want controversy. I am here for what the coach sends and to help the group”, said the then Athletic de Bilbao forward, who had entered the final list, with sincerity instead of Güiza.

Forest also closed the debate on the ownership of Torres that same day, in which we already handled the information that Spain was going to repeat the team the following Saturday (it was Wednesday) before Paraguay in the World Cup quarterfinals. Villa and Torres would continue to be the starting forwards. Del Bosque was happy with the work of The boy, which he saw improve every minute. Llorente expected what he did, break the game by force.

The coach stated the day after the game: “Torres does a great job, fixes the centrals and goes further. He will be very useful in the remainder of the competition.” On the debate on whether Fernando Llorente should enter the starting line, Del Bosque commented with his usual naturalness: “I don't mind opinions about soccer. When I gave the list and it appeared Valdes the first debate was that of the goalkeepers, then came that of the double pivot, later that of the wingers and now that of the nine. When it closes the next one will come. “

Paraguay expected in the quarters. The only loss was that of Albiol, who dragged in the ankle the blow that took in a fortuitous crash in a training session with Fernando Llorente. The La Rioja striker was an example. Both for his performance when he had to play, which improved the team, and for his behavior working in training and making a group. Having players with that humility, commitment and the ability to each assume their role was key to making a champion team.