Mario Alberto Kempes, former player and former ambassador of Valencia, has passed through the microphones of “The Stringer” of Cadena SER to analyze the situation of Valencia.

Shield / Flag Valencia

Better times: “Whenever it rains, stop. Valencia are a great team and there is a great squad. There is conformism, sloppiness. They stand up against Villarreal and give pity. At the moment of truth, they are going to Champions down. You have to fight the rest. “

His departure: “I am very worried. I was kicked out for saying the concerns I had and I think I did not go to work with these people anymore. And it is not because I want to return or not while these people are here. What worries me is that they are not doing nothing for Valencia. If you say that they have bought the club and you see the good intention, one says well you don't know about football, but when football is good they are always looking for the cat's three legs to destabilize football and return with the problem of the dome. When the problem of the dome is good, they try to mess with the sport so that it goes wrong. That is the problem of Valencia today. “

Coach: “On Twitter I said I hope they let César choose the next coach. If we let the president and partner choose who has … Do not bring people who put their hands on his head and do not let him breathe.”

How does it feel: “Disillusioned on the one hand as on the other because I heard what they were talking about. It is true that here the great fault lies with those at the top who do not know how to respect the work of the coaches and for small things, to say that it is getting much bigger and it is being dominant like the case of Marcelino and they throw him out at the first change without having to. The problem is that you have to find guilty parties and usually he is always the coach when sometimes he is not the coach. In these cases and for Unfortunately it is the top of Valencia that again destabilizes the club. Because, let's say, things were going well with Marcelino and the first thing they did was kick him out. There came a problem, we are going to look for another one quickly, but we have to find the right one not because it is because he is beautiful, he tells beautiful stories. Let's face it and what Valencia allows him. Not only do I think the coach is to blame but also those who are on the court have a part of the blame. “

Players: “You have to get the coach and the players. The coach can work during the week. The players have to have a respect. The players are who they are. The players do not give what they have to give on the court. It is ambiguous, but it's reality”.

Manager: “No, because being inside I criticized him and being outside they kick me out. At the first question after signing they kick me out.”

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