LIVE | Community Shield: Leicester City – Manchester United (1-2) – 08/7/16 –


Ibrahimovic gives 'Mou' his first title in the debut with Manchester United. His goal and Lingard's are worth the conquest of this Community Shield. Little was Vardy's goal for the Leicester. Read the match chronicle here

(min 94) About to finish off Schmeichel in the United area. Gea block. This is going to end in a few moments …

(min 93) Enter Mkhitaryan through Mata. United's last change. Remove the Spanish who had entered minutes before. They take advantage of those of Mourinho to gain some time on the clock …

(min 91) There will be four minutes discount. They have named Bailly Man of the Match. Good debut of United central.

(min 89) Ulloa by Huth. A new striker and the Leicester de Ranieri goes desperately.

(min 87) Enter Schneiderlin by Rooney. United will try to maintain this result so as not to go to the penalty shootout. Valencia stays as new captain.


(min 85) There is! The expected! Put United ahead again. Heads in the small area, hits the post and the ball walks along the line and ends up entering …

(min 84) FORGIVE MUSA IN MOUTH! Throw-in, Huth finishes, the defense is not clear, and Musa heads again in the goal, over the crossbar.

(min 82) Enter Schlupp through Fuchs. Strange offensive change in Ranieri, trying to rush his options to go for the game.

(min 80) IBRA FAIL! He knocked almost at an empty door, although with great difficulty, and the defense arrived in time to take his bitten shot …

(min 78) Bailly expulsion was played. He pushed an opponent in the fight for a ball (and was playing without a boot). They call him the foul, but allow him to continue playing.

(min 76) Yellow for Vardy. Entrance on Mata, the Leicester striker is late and the warning is won … Remember, by the way, that in this competition there is no extension, and if the tie continues we will go to penalties …

(min 74) De Gea blocks a direct foul. He took from the side Mahrez, a center was expected but placed near the goal. The Spanish goal was not surprised.

(min 72) Yellow to Bailly. Vardy made him a mess again in his continuous duel and he won the warning by a push …

(min 70) Red and Rashford by Shaw and Martial. We will see the impact that the very young United striker has on the outcome of the match.

(min 68) Choney Rooney and block Schmeichel! The Danish goal endured perfectly and reacted to the complicated shot of the captain of the 'red devils'.

(min 65) Enter now Kill for Lingard. We have three Spaniards already in United and one in the 'foxes'. More show at Wembley.

(min 63) Mendy and Luis Hernández for Simpson and King. Double change and again with Spanish prominence in the Leicester. Remember that six substitutions can be made in this competition.

(min 61) Enter Ander Herrera by Carrick. Enter Mourinho to one of the Spaniards in Manchester United. Miss Mata.

(min 59) Chuta Gray and bloca De Gea. The Leicester looks for surprise, aware that the comeback is possible. The Spanish goal does not fail.

(min 57) Yellow for King for a hard entrance behind Jesse Lingard. Second card that the Leicester sees. Ranieri protest.

(min 55) Rooney hits him from afar … Up! Press United now to seek immediate reaction after the goal …


(min 51) They tie the foxes! The usual goal! The score is equalized in Wembley … Give the ball Fellaini and little could do De Gea …

(min 49) Double occasion that cuts Bailly! He slowed Musa first in speed and then did not let Vardy pass. Spectacular. The test is passing with note …

(min 47) Musa and Gray entered instead of Okazaki and Albrighton. Ranieri moves piece giving entry to the newly signed CSKA, one of his best men in preseason.


We see two changes in the Leicester, and if United suffered back when they were sending speed shipments, now it can be even worse … Soon we will tell you …


He sends the goal of Lingard, which gives advantage to the team of Mourinho. Stay with us in the second half that is expected to be exciting!

(min 44) There will not be much discount. There are no great reasons to discount. The referee takes Leicester the last time by signaling a goal kick.

(min 42) The Leicester turns over to try to tie this. Final minutes before the break, and those of Ranieri are aware that they have potential to generate problems for United.

(min 39) Yellow for Simpson. Now Rooney was the stride. Reiteration of offenses of the defender of the 'foxes' in this match.

(min 37) Grip from Simpson to Ibrahimovic. What a duel these two are having too. The Swede is not appearing much, but when he does, it is very difficult to stop him.

(min 34) Lingard is claimed again, who already scored the decisive goal here at Wembley in the FA Cup final last spring.


(min 31) What a goal! Maradonian! He took the ball in the spinal cord, went straight to the area after dribbling around the world and beat a Schmeichel who was about to take the ball out.

(min 29) He loses the ball Mahrez to Shaw. The Algerian does not seem to be quite fine, remember, he has been going through rumors all summer, but he is still in the Leicester for now.

(min 27) Now Vardy wins the Bailly game! He managed to get the ball to corner after another of his careers. It is being the great duel of the afternoon.

(min 25) The cons of Leicester are a real danger. Life remains the same as last year in that regard …

(min 22) TO THE LARGUERO OKAZAKI! He finished the corner perfectly and ran into the crossbar … Great minutes of the Leicester!

(min 20) What a Vardy show! Another of his careers towards the rival area, yields the ball to Okazaki and the shot of the Japanese plays in a defender and goes to corner.

(min 18) Simpson is sore. He collided with Fellaini in the fight for a ball and has to be assisted by the assists. It seems that he can continue playing.

(min 16) Another shot of Fellaini! The Mourinho team is dominating the game, which is increasingly reaching the goal of the 'foxes' …

(min 13) Rooney head from home! He tried it practically from the crescent of the area. Block Schmeichel without problem.

(min 11) Martiaaal to the side of the net! The French tried the individual play, but his shot with hardly any angle did not meet Schmeichel's goal.

(min 9) Save now Bailly for twice. Leicester tried his classic kickback, but the central reacted well, one of the novelties of the Mourinho team.

(min 7) ALMOST THE LÍA VARDY! Extraordinary dribble over Bailly, he left the central one of Espanyol and Villarreal completely out of place. Then came the defense to prevent the shot …

(min 5) First appearance of Ibrahimovic. He left his leg too high in a dispute over the ball with Simpson. The referee points out the foul.

(min 3) Attentive to the news of the day. United has confirmed moments before the game that Pogba arrives to pass medical examination. Read the full story here.


Dressed in red United. The Leicester makes it blue. We will see what this exciting encounter that opens the football season in England.

There is also United lineup! De Gea – Valencia, Bailly, Blind, Shaw – Carrick, Fellaini – Lingard, Rooney, Martial – Ibrahimovic

We already have the eleven of the Leicester! The same as last year, without Kanté: Schmeichel – Simpson, Huth, Morgan, Fuchs – Mahrez, King, Drinkwater, Albrighton – Okazaki, Vardy travels to the emblematic Wembley Stadium to experience an exciting edition of the Community Shield, the English Super Cup.

The new Manchester United of José Mourinho is measured as the current FA Cup champion to the surprising winner of the Premier, Leicester City by Claudio Ranieri.

Follow the game live from 5 pm.