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Liga Santander: The Eibar-R.Society, endangered by the pollution of the Zaldibar landfill | LaLiga Santander 2019

Gabby Barker





The Basque Government recommends that no outdoor sport be practiced due to high levels of dioxins and furans.

Work at the Zaldibar landfill last Thursday.
Miguel Toa EFE

Eibar and Real Sociedad, together with the Spanish Federation of Ftbol and LaLiga, will decide on Saturday if Sunday's game is suspended or played in Ipurua, following the recommendations of the Basque Government not to practice outdoor sports due to the pollution caused by the fire at the Zaldibar landfill.

Both clubs have published a statement explaining that all parties have agreed to wait “to see if they improve the air conditions and thus make a decision on whether finally the match to be played on Sunday by the two Guipuzcoan clubs in Ipurua is played” .

The two clubs will wait to decide if they should follow the recommendation issued this Friday by the Basque Government, which has called not to ventilate homes, close night sales and not do outdoor sports in the areas of Zaldibar, Eibar and Ermua by the presence of dioxins and furans in the air due to fire.

Combustin of plastics and chlorine

The match is scheduled for Sunday at 4:00 p.m. at the Ipurua stadium, located less than 10 km from the fire's focus.

The collapse of the landfill, on February 6, caught two workers, who have not yet been found, and caused fires among the waste that has not yet been stifled.

Three days after the incident, 700 centograms of dioxins and furans per cubic meter will be detected in the air, a figure 40 times higher than the normal values ​​of an urban area. These toxic particles, generated in the burning of plastics and chlorine, can be carcinogenic in the long term.

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