Little Nicolás undergoes facial masculinization after his judicial joy: this is his new face

At 30 years old, little Nicolás is getting closer to getting the face he has been fantasizing about for some time. The young man has been undergoing a facial masculinization process for a few years and, now, after a new session with his trusted specialist, he has shared the results of his last session on his social networks.

Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias and doctor Ángel Martín Hernández have published a video where the Madrid native receives a few injections in specific areas of the face to highlight your features. Specifically, she received hyaluronic acid on her chin, mandibular arch and cheekbones. “This way we get a more angular and masculine face in ten minutes,” explains the cosmetic surgery doctor in the recording.

The young man has shown the before and after of his intervention, which he already underwent in 2021, as he and the doctor himself showed to users. This method is one of the most common among patients looking to accentuate their masculine features. and have a more pronounced chin. Although the effects are practically immediate, they last approximately one to two years.

The price of the treatment depends on the clinic that applies it. Likewise, we are faced with an aesthetic touch-up that costs at least 400 euros, although the most normal thing is that people who undergo it pay about 700 euros. Specifically, celebrities such as Alejandro Sanz, Malú, Iker Casillas, Feliciano López, Miguel Torres, Rafa Nadal, Almeida and José Mercé have trusted Dr. Ángel Martín Hernández.

The Supreme Court acquits Little Nicolás

The one who was a contestant Big Brother VIP 4 has undergone this intervention after being happy in court, as he was acquitted this week of his three-year prison sentence for having posed in 2014 for a charge related to the Vice Presidency of the Government and the Royal Family on his trip to Ribadeo, in Lugo. The Criminal Chamber thus upheld his appeal against the sentence of the Madrid Court that condemned him for the crimes of usurpation of public functions and active bribery.