Liga Santander: Espanyol identifies the 12 individuals who insulted Iaki Williams and study his expulsion | LaLiga Santander 2019



Iaki Williams, receiving racist insults at Cornell.

RCD Espanyol has identified the 12 fans, nine of them blue and white partners, who last Saturday directed Racist insults to the Athletic Club striker Iaki Williams, and has announced that they take the “appropriate measures” against them, which can go from their “suspension” as subscribers to their “expulsion” from any club activity.

“Once the pertinent and exhaustive analysis of the video images of the events occurred last Saturday was carried out, in which shouts of racist character were made to the player Iaki Williams, the RCD Espanyol of Barcelona has determined the involvement of 12 individuals in sectors 107 and 108, all located outside the space occupied by the Animation Tier“, the statement of the parakeet club.

In addition, he confirms that nine of them “are partners”, while the other three “are occasional ticket buyers.” “The club shall submit this complete report to the Social Discipline Committee to determine the appropriate measures included in the Internal Discipline Regulations of the club, and that they can result in the suspension of subscriber and member cards and the expulsion of any activity carried out by the blue and white entity“inform.

In addition, the blue and white entity assured that he has transferred his report to the police organs that elaborate the proceedings so that they “purge the possible criminal responsibilities”. “The RCD Espanyol of Barcelona reiterates, once again, his rich condemnation of any sample of racist and violent character. Our entity, in its 119 years of history, has always advocated strictly sporting values ​​such as respect for the rival, work and sacrifice, above all results, “he concluded.

“I have suffered racist insults”

Last Saturday, Iaki Williams revealed that he had received racist insults from the stands of the RCDE Stadium during the match that Athletic played against Espanyol (1-1). “” I'm going a little sad for the draw and especially because I have suffered racist insults. It's something that no black player or any race wants to hear, which is totally out of place, “said the player.

Williams, son of Ghanaian parents, was replaced by Ral Garca in the 69th minute of the duel at Cornell-El Prat; It was at that moment when he heard the racist insults, and asked his companion Iker Muniain to communicate it to the Murcian collegiate Jos Mara Snchez Martnez. However, the game continued.

The only game suspended for insults in the Spanish league has been Rayo Vallecano-Albacete of the 20th day of this season in the LaLiga SmartBank, when referee Jos Antonio Lpez Toca decided that the second part in Vallecas was not played by the “Nazi fucking” critics of the Ukrainian player of the visiting team Roman Zozulia.

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