Lewandowski: “We know that the ‘Champions’ is also a matter of luck”

The Barça striker recognizes the importance for the club of winning the highest continental competition

“Xavi’s work is becoming more and more visible”


FC Barcelona forward Robert Lewandowski sees good signs for the Barça team to have a successful season, especially with a more established team, like the club, with the work of Xavi Hernández “increasingly visible”, while recognizing the importance of winning the Champions League.

“Our participation in the Champions League ended very early. The Champions League is much more important this year and the whole club has put much more emphasis on it because we are aware of the importance it has for us,” explains ‘Lewy’ in an interview this week. Wednesday to Barça TV, collected by Europa Press.

The Polish striker speaks of the ‘Champions’ as a clear objective for a Barça that has not won the top continental competition since 2015, although it is also “a matter of luck.” “We must be aware now that everyone wants to beat us in the League, we are the defenders and we want to continue being champions,” he says.

“We will do everything possible to finish first in the League and go as far as possible to the ‘Champions’. We know that the ‘Champions’ is also a matter of luck. So, from now until the end of the year, we want to focus on winning our group and then prepare for our opponents. We want to play football that is not only effective but also intelligent,” he adds.

On the other hand, Lewandowski talks about his coach, Xavi. “I try to get the best out of each coach, that also happens with Xavi. I am also open to everything he says, despite my experience and knowledge after all these years, I am still learning new things from him, which can help me score more goals and be more useful to the team during games,” he says.

“I can also see how Xavi continues to improve, the work he does is becoming more visible. Therefore I hope that, as a team, we continue to advance. We have a young side with a lot of potential. Last season we won the League and the Spanish Super Cup but our expectations grow,” he adds.

Furthermore, the Barça forward sees the team’s progression from different points of view. “We are also more prepared. Last year things were much more chaotic, problems that probably affected the functioning of the club. Now there is greater stability. There have been some personnel changes, but the core, backbone, not only of the team but also the entire management structure, so it has been much easier to face and adapt to any change,” he confesses.

“I think this season will be much better in terms of performances and, in particular, much better in the Champions League, because that is what we expect from ourselves and what we are focused on,” he concludes.