Bertín Osborne ‘cuts off the tap’ to Gabriela Guillén: nine transfers and monumental anger

The singer has said ‘enough’. The continuous drip of information and leaks about the pregnancy of Gabriela Guillén has filled his patience and Bertin Osborne He has broken all relations with the mother of what will be his sixth child. As already mentioned Informaliaare currently communicating through lawyers and have let the Paraguayan businesswoman know that the financial aid that the artist has provided her until now will cease.

Gabriela, already six months pregnant, has so far received various transfers from Fabiola Martínez’s ex, intended for two purposes: to cover the medical expenses of her pregnancy and to compensate for the loss of work income due to her medical leave (she is self-employed ). However, Gabriela’s latest appearances in the media have not pleased the interpreter of Eternal Melody: “She is taking this down a path that is not the one they initially agreed upon. He believes that Gabriela has carried out robberies and that this more than compensates for the losses in her business,” they said in TardeAR. “He’s not going to keep her.”

As things stand, Bertín will continue to pay for Gabriela’s medical expenses until the baby is born and then he will request paternity tests. “If she is her child, she will assume the full cost of her maintenance and education, but she will not have a parent-child relationship with him,” said Marisa Martín Blázquez.

In recent months, a real media hurricane has emerged around Bertín’s love life. Added to Gabriela Guillén’s pregnancy was the news of Chabeli Navarro’s abortion. Then came the statements from the singer Enna, who claimed to have maintained a relationship with him for fifteen years, coinciding with the time when he was married to Fabiola Martínez. She is not having a good time in this regard either, although the Venezuelan has removed part of the thorn by giving an exclusive and making good money.