Letizia, with her most cinematic look: turns Oviedo into a Hollywood carpet

In the surroundings of the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo, bagpipers and parades welcomed us. The city celebrates the Princess of Asturias Awards with music, which this year celebrates its 43rd edition. The capital of the Principality experiences its awards like a big party. Enormous. The Kings have left the first car of the institutional procession and then we have seen the Queen’s choice of style for this appointment.

Upon arrival, there was a reunion with Mrs. Sofia. The Kings and his daughters have posed with the emeritus in front of the theater. The still photography is always the same. However, Leonor and Sofia they make a difference. They have gotten older. The mother of don Felipewhich arrived in the Asturian capital at noon today, will not miss this event for anything in the world.

Letizia has chosen a great dress. Purely simple, a great dress. Tube design, straight and tailored to its contour. She wears one-shoulder asymmetry, showing off her neck and contoured neckline. One long sleeve and one arm open. The balance of this piece lies in the asymmetry. The Queen carries it with astonishing ease. She has raised her right arm, the covered one, to salute. And she made a gesture appealing to the rain, so from here. She has completed with some shoes kitten whole (medium height heel). Tonight is going to be a long one for the Kings and they will be on their feet for hours.