Leonor, before the oath of the Constitution: “I am aware of what my duty is and what my responsibilities imply”

The Campoamor, in the Plaza de la Escandalera, looks blue, vibrant and musical. It’s because of the Awards effect. The center of the world, today, is here. In this 43rd edition of the Princess of Asturias two stars captured the attention: the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami and the great diva of cinema Meryl Streep. The actress, with her three Oscars and total simplicity, has walked the blue carpet of the Oviedo coliseum. How to miss it.

The event began with a long applause for the Queen Sofia when he has occupied his box. A welcome that has been synchronized with the entry of the Royal Family. Philip VI has inaugurated the Princess Awards ceremony. The press media were in the odd zone. In box 7. Greetings to the authorities and words of welcome from the president of the Princess of Asturias Foundation. Then it was the turn of the winners. The admired actress Meryl Streep has been honored in the Arts category. A wave of applause accompanied the interpreter. Also highly applauded, the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, with the Literature award. Murakami, shy, did not pose when he arrived at the event. A highly commented detail among the media.

Leonor’s more mature tone of voice

Leonor has spoken. He began his speech, shorter than other years, with the context that brought him here today: “After having taken the oath of service to Spain before our flag” and “having begun my military training”, he marked his big day . “On the 31st I will turn 18 and I will have the honor of swearing in the Constitution (…) I am aware of what my duty is and what my responsibilities entail.” It was this word, “responsibility”, along with “effort”, the two chosen to close her intervention. Her tone of voice, much more mature. Her English is perfect.

Don Felipe: “Spain’s problems will be solved with union, not with division”

Afterwards, the monarch gave his speech. The head of State has pointed out this long-term journey of his daughter towards the age of majority and has mentioned the swearing in of the flag and her next swearing in of the Constitution before the Cortes Generales: “An act of enormous institutional significance, historical symbolism and personal commitment “. And then he spoke, on behalf of Letizia as well, “as Kings and as parents.” And he has revealed that they are “deeply proud of her sense of duty, dedication and enthusiasm with which she faces her future.” And there have been words for Sofía, “that she also advances in her training, acquiring knowledge, values ​​and experience to serve and help others.”

Furthermore, King Felipe has highlighted that “the work of all the winners always gives us reasons for hope, to continue trusting in humanity, in our ability to move forward and not give in to our worst omens” and has referred to the current political problems of Spain, ensuring that “the solutions will come through unity, not division”, which drew applause from everyone present in the theater.

The winners

In addition, the Kenyan athlete Eliud Kipchoge, a reference in world Olympics, has been honored in the Sports category. The historian of the French Academy Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, who died in August at the age of 94, has received the posthumous prize in Social Sciences. It was her son, Emmanuel Carrère, who collected it in her name. Emmanuel was recognized with the Princess of Letters in 2021. Also posthumously, the Italian philosopher Nuccio Ordine has been awarded in the Communication and Humanities category. Ordine died in June at age 65. In Concordia, the award went to Mary’s Meals; in International Cooperation, for the Medicines for Neglected Diseases Initiative; and in Scientific Research, for the American biologists Jeffrey Gordon and Everett Peter Greenberg and the American biochemist Bonnie Lynn Bassler.

The end of the party has come with the anthem of Asturias, performed by the Real Banda de Gaitas Ciudad de Oviedo. The winners left the stage and walked down the central aisle towards the main door. The Royal City of Oviedo Bagpipe Band has said goodbye to us with the El Xarreru parade. Her Majesty has declared the event closed and has called the Princess of Asturias 2024. Leonor will then come of age.