Letizia sweeps the Book Fair: “I will try to come if I have a welded bone”

Morning of letters for Doña Letizia. We have followed the Queen’s tour among the booths at the Madrid Book Fair to find out what the readings will be that will accompany her this summer, what her list of preferences has been and what titles she has included in her purchases. The Queen would have loved to walk around the Paseo de Coches del Retiro and get lost among the books in private. But the format has been different: official inauguration with authorities, press and visitors.

A full-throttle kick that we have given ourselves, very much in line with the motto of this 83rd edition inspired by sport: ‘Train your mind, read your body’. The Queen’s official tour started from the stand of the Ministry of Culture, where she spoke with the general director of the Book, María José Gálvez. She has accompanied her consort the Minister of Culture, Iñigo Urtasun, who has appeared in a formal suit with a tie.

A total of 359 booths opened before us. From there, this has been our journey through the Retiro. By the way, tremendous solace this morning of Friday the 31st. Blessed awnings that gave us some shade.

The three starting points of the itinerary have been: the space of the Madrid City Council, the Grant Bookstore and the space Otra Feria es Posible. Minutes before, Martínez-Almeida told us that he is going to “let” the fair surprise him, thus avoiding advancing a title or a signature. Some students from the School of Architecture of the Rey Juan Carlos University have explained to the Queen her project at the Fair at the House of Architecture.

We continue forward through the crowd. In the Central Zone, They have gifted him with The Quinta de Vistalegre in Carabanchel. “A book in collaboration with the City Councils,” Nicolás tells us “so that they can put money to rehabilitate it.” It has also been taken like beastsby Violane Berot, and The easy part, by Ismael Ramos. When you have seen the cover of tell me a riddleby Tillie Olsen, commented: “I just read this one.”

The anecdote of the day came in the La Felipa Bookstore. By chance (of the name) in 1999, Don Felipe, on a visit to the fair, approached the stand. Juan José told us what his meeting with Letizia was like: “We gave her some photos of when Felipe came to our booth and we gave her a cookbook and a blood sausage. She was then a reporter for TVE and covered the fair”. The question was obvious. And what did the Queen say when she saw the photos? “She laughed a lot.” As a detail, in 1999 “they were not dating,” she pointed out. By the way, from here it has been taken The history of the Felipa bookstore on Calle de los Librerosby L. Regino Mateo del Peral.

Other titles that Letizia has won: The murmurs of the water, by María Belmonte; The queens of the sea, by Mauricio Wiesenthal; and The school of the soulby Josep María Esquirol. Alvarellos Editora has registered a facsimile edition of six poems by Lorca from 1935. And other poems in Gallego, as Antidoteby Emma Pedreira.

“Do you read a lot?”

The children have accompanied us on our walk. 5th grade Primary school students from the San Antonio school in Alcobendas chatted with the Queen when she asked them “Do you read a lot?” Those from Vega Sur de San Martín were also very nervous. The students, from 3rd year of ESO, wanted to take selfies with the consort.

More anecdotes. It’s with music. The Queen has run into the members of the hyper popular Vetusta Morla. They were live on the RNE microphones at the TVE stand. In his role as a journalist, he has been interested in his readings. Bad habitby Alana S. Portero, the musicians of the indie band have revealed.

Miguel Cienfuegos has given His Majesty the novel Reckoning, which he wrote with TVE journalist Pepa Sastre, an expert on Casa Real. They have also given him the posthumous title of Gabriel García Márquez, See you in August. His editor, the Colombian Teresa Reyes, from Alfaguara, told us this. And finally, the moment of farewell. Doña Letizia has approached the media to comment on what “successful” What did you think of the fair? “I will try to come if I have the bone welded,” has slipped on the fracture of one of the toes on his right foot. An hour and a half of walking among books, which Felipe’s wife enjoyed in wide, loose sneakers to avoid pressure on the injury. Amid applause, she left along the path that leads to the Cecilio Rodríguez gardens.