Letizia, in sneakers and a linen uniform, between booths and books: the revolution arrives in El Retiro

Madrid, May and literature. Great plan. The Book Fair has flooded the Paseo de Coches del Retiro with booths. Queen Letizia has inaugurated the 83rd edition, which this year has found her inspiration in sport. A kind of mens sana in corpore sana is the common thread of the fair, which opens its doors with the company of visitors, runners, and bicycles. A spring Friday in El Retiro in its purest form.

In this environment of letters, booksellers and readers, the Queen has appeared. She arrived and, like a wave, the public began to record videos. The appointment was announced for 11:00 on this very sunny Friday, May 31. The accredited media were scheduled to meet at 10:45 on Paseo Fernán Núñez at its confluence with Paseo de Venezuela. Right there, in front of Booth 118 of the Ministry of Culture.

The bulk of the entourage, including press and onlookers, has gathered behind the Queen’s security. Passersby at the fair, cell phones in hand, capture Letizia’s every step. Every movement. Every book she chooses. The Queen, an eager reader, asks a lot about the readings. She is very interested in health, healthy living and sports, but above all she pays extreme attention to what boys and girls read, increasingly hyperconnected by screens. It’s all in the books. “Pretty, pretty!” said a visitor.

To visit this Car Ride, the Queen has opted for a set of white linen pants. It was expected. Since she broke a toe on her right foot at the beginning of May, pants and sneakers are her uniform, they are her A plan because she needs wide, loose shoes. More, in this literary journey, walking from booth to booth. Due to her injury there is no plan B in terms of style. The options are what they are. She has a hard time walking.