Letizia distances herself from Robert Gavin, Telma Ortiz’s boyfriend: another rebellious brother-in-law?

The Irish lawyer is about to turn his career around with the publication of the novel The fourth estate (Agoeiro Editions). The work, which talks about money and sex, denounces the class system worldwide and has people in suspense. queen Letizia, who fears that her brother-in-law’s 320 pages could become a weapon against the institution she defends. It is one of the most anticipated texts at the next Madrid Book Fair, which the queen opens this Friday and in which we will be able to see the boyfriend of Telma Ortiz signing on June 6 at booth 228. A day before, he will present his work in a department store with a press conference included.

It is not the first novel of Robert Gavin within his extensive professional career (Credo, A flat calm, Too late the lotus blooms o Emperors of Icaria) but it is the first that he will publish since his romantic relationship with Telma Ortiz, the queen’s sister, began in 2019. According to The confidentialthe relationship of the Irish lawyer with the King Felipe VI and Letizia is very good, but she is worried about the impact that this new novel may have on the Royal Family and has chosen to keep her distance: she will be at the fair this Friday; him, six days later.

According to the official website, The fourth estate talks about “how a few powerful elites can change the world’s economies.” The plot anticipates that it will be an uncomfortable novel for many: “The current economic model is dead. Dead with consequences in the real world; street violence in countries with Latin gangs, authoritarian governments, the end of the hegemony of the dollar disrupting the world order; culminated in the creation of a new currency that will change the course of history in international transactions.”

A love with controversy

The relationship between Gavin and Ortiz became official in 2019, when they attended the Princess of Asturias Awards together. Controversy accompanied this courtship from the first day because he was married to the singer and violinist Sharon Corr, a member of the band The Corrs. He had two children with her: Cathal, who was born in 2006, and Flori, who came into the world a year later. In August 2021, he became a father again with Telma, of a girl whose name has not been revealed. The sister of the Asturian consort and the lawyer reside in La Moraleja, one of the most exclusive and wealthy areas of Madrid, in a semi-detached house worth around a million and a half euros.

Before, Telma had a relationship with the lawyer Jaime del Burgo, with whom she married on the Amalfi Coast. They divorced in 2016 and now he has returned to the spotlight for his statements about the nature of her relationship with Queen Letizia. After collaborating on the latest book by Jaime Peñafiel, Del Burgo is negotiating to make a series and a documentary to reveal all the secrets of the kings.